Privacy Policy

  • We, Thanjai Naturals, take pride in procuring, packing, and selling high-quality natural food products to worldwide online customers. We sell all our natural products only through our official and reputed affiliated online channels. When it comes to food products, we follow time-tested protocols and high business standards.
  • We request our customers to explore the privacy policies listed below before procuring natural food items through our official website. 
  • We will be editing/altering/deleting/modifying our privacy policies then and there and request our patrons to keep an eye on our regular privacy policy updates. We may even keep you updated on the changes that we have made in privacy policies by sending mails frequently to your registered mailing address. 
  • We will also be sending newsletters, advertising materials, promotional collaterals, brochures, and downloads at regular intervals.
  • We request you to update us on any changes that you have made in communication and email addresses. 

Collection of email data, cookies, and sensitive information

  • We have the right to collect your email address, personally identifiable number, cookies, and sensitive information. We assure you that our staff or agents will never share your data with third parties in any form or method. 
  • We assure you that our management will take strict actions against those who steal data from you or your representatives. You can approach our redressal officers through proper channels and submit your complaints at any point in time.
  • Our redressal officers will thoroughly examine your complaints and queries and take appropriate actions deemed fit. 
  • We collect cookies to check, examine and evaluate our system flow, promotional effectiveness, and marketing campaigns. 

Credit and debit card information

  • We will collect credit and debit card information like card number, expiry date, and names, and our representatives will never collect credit card PIN, CVV, or passwords from you at any point in time. If you receive any text or messages from unknown channels requesting you to spare PIN, CVV, or banking passwords, you should never submit such details since these messages are sent only by scammers.
  • If you receive such messages, you should immediately escalate the issue to a cybersecurity cell. They will scrutinize the complaint and take remedial actions quickly. 
  • You should always jot down the credit card and banking information only in papers or notebooks and should never store such details in computer systems like desktops, laptops, or tablets. 

Personal details, demographic details, and profile data

  • We have the right to collect personal data, demographic particulars, and profile data from our customers. We assure you that we will safeguard the same and not share the same with third parties. If there are problems or issues, We will share the above details with law enforcement authorities, cybersecurity forces, and government authorities.

Security and safety of shared data and information

  • Tanjore Naturals' website follows stringent security measures and protects the customers' data and information safely without leaking. We will keep a secured system in place and assure that no one steals your shared data and information.

Opting out of email marketing

  • You can opt-out of our newsletters and marketing campaign emails by unsubscribing them. You should make efforts to click unsubscribe to stop receiving our email campaign and marketing promotional emails. 

Names and contact details of the Grievance officer

  • If you are not satisfied with the solutions given by our customer support or representatives of our company, you can escalate the same to our Grievance Officer. He will scrutinize your complaint at length and provide the proper solution to your problems. Members are requested to submit the complaint form shown on our official website to get a quick resolution.

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