Does the desire to eat real “Natural Honey” that hard to fulfill?

Does the desire to eat real “Natural Honey” that hard to fulfill?

For years & years, we saw and believed honey to be a readymade product available in the corner of every supermarket. But it is not. Honey is purely a forest produce. The thick golden syrup is considered liquid gold in many parts of the world.

Today we have several big manufacturers producing tons of honey claiming to be natural. Consumers looking at the same advertisement claims over and over, they stopped to search & bought whatever placed in front of them. just because it claims to be natural. The unacceptable part is the price tag they put on those bottles which are not even worthy to consume. These aren’t the only problems the consumers face. The biggest problem is the quality of the honey & adulteration in it.

Recently in India, ten out of thirteen big companies failed in the “Honey Purity Test” conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). As the study suggests the Honey from Big brands contains Sugar syrup and cane sugar in it. Note these are the top brands that took the market by storm for centuries. People migrate towards honey only for the health benefits it provides & to eliminate white sugar in their diet. But buying those big brand honey with more sugar is going to make your health worse.

Is there any simple handy way to test the purity of honey? Though there are several tests posted on many websites. Nothing has been scientifically proven to be successful. Those claims have been bunked by science.

So which one is real honey then?

There are several types of honey

  • Farm Honey
  • Forest Honey
  • Stingless Bee Honey
  • Eucalyptus Honey
  • Desert Honey

Each type of honey has a taste of its own according to the region they’re sourced from. Among all of these honey, Forest Honey also known as Wild Honey is the best & most nutritious honey.

Apis dorsata the honeybee responsible for the nutritious & quality forest honey. This bee has the ability to differentiate flowers based upon their quality. They refrain themselves from poor tasting nectar, thus they produce the most delicious honey we’ve ever tasted. If we would suggest one honey that everyone must taste. Then it is this honey.

But analyzing the real-world situation is it possible to get it. Does the desire to eat real “Natural Honey” that hard to fulfill?

We would say not that difficult. Thanjai Natural Orgofarms one of the largest traditional farms situated in south India produce the finest Natural Wild Forest Hills Honey with an impeccable quality that is not easy to see elsewhere. The Honey is collected from deep forest areas where the soils have no trace of chemicals or pesticides.

Thanjai Natural Wild Forest Hills Honey is produced by following certain strict protocols which not only helps to maintain the quality of the Honey. But also keeping the forest ecosystem undisturbed. During harvest, the hive is not squeezed to collect honey. Instead, only a portion of the hive is collected leaving the remaining portion to stay in the trees themselves. This helps the honeybees to rebuild the hive faster. Instead of building a new one which takes a lot of time. This is the most sustainable way of honey collection. Keeping the ecosystem in check.

Some features of Natural Wild Forest Hills Honey

  • 100% Pure Unpasteurized, Unprocessed, and Unheated Honey
  • Free from Anti Biotics
  • No Added Sugar
  • Collected from the forest of western ghats
  • Rich in Nutrients

As this is unprocessed honey, it tends to crystallize over time. You can place the bottle inside hot water to melt it.

The ultimate takeaway here is sometimes we get the right things in our surroundings, but we fail to notice them. Likewise, most local produce is natural, healthy & true to itself, don’t get blinded by big brands. Support Local Produce…..