Palm Sugar — Is it the Best Sugar Substitute Available?

Palm Sugar — Is it the Best Sugar Substitute Available?

Before diving into the facts. Let us start with how sugar has occupied our major part of the diet over the course of time. During the 19th the average consumption of sugar was around 9 to 15 grams per day which is the amount of sugar found in a 100ml of health drink today. See, how times have changed. Today's soft drinks contain half of their proportion in sugar. Our typical sugar intake in one day is what our grandfathers used to consume in 5 days.

The amount at which we consume sugar is estimated to be 27x more than an average 19th-century people. This Sweet splashing culture has turned sugar into a staple food instead of using it in small proportions. Sugar starts to flow through our body starting from early morning bed coffee, but some of us are addicted to those sugar rush combined with caffeine which helps us to stay sane.

Have you ever thought of the benefits of cutting those countless spoons of sugar in your Diet?

If not. Let me Clue you in.

Glow like Gold

Glycation is the effect of the increased aging mechanism which sugar induces in our blood molecules. This affects the cells which are responsible for making our skin look younger, plumper, radiant & have glowing skin. This causes the surface of the skin to get discolored, wrinkly, and saggy.

Here’s a rain check protocol on sugar cut!

Many renowned dermatologists like Dr. Harold Lancer suggest that if we cut out on sugary foods like ice creams, candies, sugar cereals & sugary fruits. You can see changes within as little as 76 to 96 hours.

The changes which you can fell & notice are
• Skin will feel less oily
• Won’t be so dry
• Improved skin color
• Reduced Stress & Anxiety

No more Blackheads

Regular white sugar has the ability to weaken our immune system on prolonged consumption. As a result, the weakened immune system is unable to fight against skin-related issues such as blackheads, clogged pores, or pimples. So, cutting on sugar translates to a Healthy & strong immune system.

Say goodbye to flabby Bellies

Sugar is said to kill the testosterone within ourselves and reverses the hormones to produce estrogen. Low testosterone means poor metabolism. Due to this, we can see a clear spike in body weight & increased fat percentage. Taking sugar while you’re trying to lose weight is like ‘Splashing water into burning wood’, It simply destroys the process. And your dream to flat tummy stays a dream. Say goodbye to sugar if you’re serious about your fitness goals.

Increased Brainpower

Sugar acts as a temporary high like a drug, making us want it more. Research suggests that a diet high in sugar makes it difficult to learn new things and remember old ones. Elevated Blood sugar levels cause inflammation in the body leading to brain degeneration & cause diseases like Alzheimer’s. Cutting out sugar can help you track these problems. Sugar is also said to make our anxiety worse.

Last but not least. Sugar isn’t as sweet as it looks. the truth about it is bitter. Though it is difficult to eradicate sugar completely from our diet. We can replace it with a healthy alternative.

A Healthy Sugar Alternative

After a lot of research on sugar substitutes like xylitol, erythritol, stevia, maple syrup, molasses, etc. but lost of those had potential risks associated with them. So we further filter down to two sugar substitutes One is natural honey & the one is palm sugar.

But choosing which honey to use is the most difficult part. Big Brand's failure on the recent “Honey Purity Test” led to question the authenticity of every honey that is advertised as pure honey. Mostly pure honey can be obtained from fewer local honey producers. Also honey doesn’t gel up with certain recipe types. Considering the availability & usability we opted on “Palm Sugar”

Is Palm Sugar better than Regular Sugar?

Palm sugar is one of the most sustainable sugars available in the market. An acre of palm trees yields more sugar than 2 acres of sugarcane and they don’t need to be seasonally replanted. So palm sugar is good for both you & the environment.

Comparing both, Palm sugar has slightly lesser calories than white sugar. But the glycemic index of palm sugar is significantly lower than any other sweetener’s present in the market. Several doctors suggest diabetic patients to use palm sugar because of its less probability to increase or decrease blood sugar levels.

It also has a strong nutrition portfolio containing nutrients like Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Osteoporosis. It also provides long term benefits like natural insulin resistance for diabetic patient. Palm sugar contains more potassium than spinach and sweet potato combined. The nutrients in palm sugar include phytonutrients, these are so rarely present in sugar varieties. It protects the blood molecules & prevents from cell-damaging.

Documented Changes after replacing White Sugar with Palm Sugar.

High Energy Levels

One of the best benefits you can reap from eating palm sugar is improved energy levels because of its nutrition contains. If you have more energy, you’re going to have a better mood, If you have a better mood, you can be more productive in an activity you perform.

Reduced Addiction

As stated previously sugar gives us a temporary high and makes us want it more. But palm sugar doesn’t produce any such effects as it is plant-based and contains the lowest glycemic index.

No More Cravings

Once you get used to the taste of palm sugar. Cravings started to fade away for any fancy sugary stuff in the grocery store. Sugar cravings are said to be one of the major causes of tooth decay.

Getting Creative with food

As you replace regular sugar with palm sugar. You tend to customize your own recipes that blend well with palm sugar and giving a better taste.

Feeling Full

As palm sugar is a natural sugar & has more nutrients and other good stuff. So it is absorbed and processed slowly by your body leaving you full & satisfied for a longer period of time.

Fruits taste amazing!

When your tongue gets rid of the dominant taste of white sugar. You’ll start to notice the hidden taste in fruits & other stuff, which you have failed to notice for all this time.

Considering and Evaluating all these benefits. It is good to replace your regular sugar with Palm Sugar.

But how to find the best quality palm sugar. The best kind of palm sugar is one that cultivated & harvested using traditional farming methods with no trace of chemicals or pesticides involved in any of the processes.

One such is Thanjai Natural Palm Sugar cultivated in the southern region of Tamilnadu (Thanjavur). Where it is harvested under natural farming conditions, maintains numerous protocols to preserve the quality of honey. Cultivation takes place only once a year to maintain the highest quality of sugar. The Thanjai natural orgofarm is situated far away from urban culture making it less vulnerable to carbon impression. Everything is tested and analyzed before it reaches the shelves.

Recently you would’ve seen Indian farmers marching towards Delhi as their livelihood is threatened. If you wish to see change, support local farmers. It is one such way that will prevent farmers from coming down to the streets.

Coming back to the topic, Though Palm sugar is good for you and has many health-related benefits. It is advised to consume it in moderate portions. Try to include it in your diet and let us know your experience.