About Us

With the advancement in the fields of science and technology, the food industry has also been taking leaps in terms of its farming, production, and consumption. However, when there is a massive growth in the economy and numbers, there is huge damage that’s been happening to the human bodies and the atmosphere we live in.

We’re now more dependent on the chemically produced, automatically packed products in our day to day life. Thus resulting in more number of diseases than the number of meals we take every day.

Just as the saying goes, “Old is gold”, sometimes it is good to stick on to the old traditional methods than the advanced ones. When we already know that the conventional and the traditional methods are way better for our lives, our health, and our atmosphere, why do we not prefer the same? Why do we still take our lives for granted and prefer the one that’s harmful to us and the earth we live in?

It is time to wake up! High time we open our eyes and do a checkup of our plates and the meals we eat!

It’s time to revive our lives, eat healthy foods, live healthily and protect our mother earth!

We, at Thanjai organic farms, take immense pleasure and pride in the method of farming we do and the products we grow. We use natural fertilizers on our farm. All of our products are organically grown, chemical free, natural and fresh!

And thus it makes us stand out amongst all other farm products.

Check out our stores for our 100% organic, natural and fresh hand-picked food products exclusively made for you!

But how do you get to know it is organic and natural?

-    We have our farms and farm products checked and certified.

-    We have various assessments to select the farmers for growing the products in our farms.

-    Sample testing is done before approval. Multiple random testings are done frequently to keep a check on the products.

-    We monitor the production continuously.

-    Field visits and technical analysis are made on a regular basis.

-    All our farmers are equally passionate just like us to grow natural products and are never ready to compromise in the quality of our products.


If you’re a person who does not know much about natural farming, the following questions and answers would help you in understanding the same!

Read on to know more about natural farming and how it affects your health and life in a better way!

What exactly is natural farming?

According to Wikipedia,

The natural farming approach was actually established by a Japanese farmer named Masanobu Fukuoka in the year 1975. According to him, natural farming distilled into five principles. They are,

  • No fertilizer
  • No pesticide or herbicide
  • No pruning
  • No weeding
  • No-tillage

Natural farming uses the traditional method of farming and actually minimizes human labor and adopts a practical and natural method for the production of food products in the bio-diverse agricultural eco-system.

Why should we eat natural and organic food?

To be precise, eat natural and organic food ‘to stay healthy”

  • Natural food products are packed with energy, minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants.
  • They taste delicious
  • Protects our body from the harmful chemicals and its effects, it has on our health.
  • Safeguards us from becoming victims of various diseases.

Why are natural food products expensive?

Since there are no shortcuts in the production and the manufacturing of natural products, it involves intensive management and labor. Not many realize the importance and need for consuming natural food products and hence the demand is less. They are still not produced in bulk quantities and hence they are a little expensive to source and produce them.

How can our customers be sure of the products at Thanjai organic farms as natural?

  1. We are into this field not by chance, but by choice. It is our passion to promote natural farming and make a difference in the lives of our customers.
  2. We stand and work on our slogan “gift of nature” and truly believe in it!
  3. All of our products are certified and hence makes it authentic.
  4. For many products, customers can actually make out whether it is natural or not by its taste or the time it takes to cook.

If I am not happy with the product, do I get a refund?

Not a single product goes to the shelf without testing and analyzing. All of them are hand-picked and are produced with care. We never compromise with the quality of the products, and we are very confident that our food products are of premium quality, fresh and 100% natural!

For any of the reason, if you are not happy with the product, you can either exchange or also get a complete refund!