About Us

  1.  Since its inception date in 2017, Thanjai Naturals is following breakthrough technologies in natural farming, traditional cooking oils and food supply. We originate from Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, fondly called as ‘Rice Bowl of India. It is   located strategically in Cauvery Delta Belt, rich in alluvial soil, where various natural crops grow wonderfully throughout the year.
  2.  Majority of the people living in Tamil Nadu are still using chemical-rich food products sold by corporate companies without understanding the seriousness of side-effects caused by such items. We have taken major initiatives in  creating awareness to people living in Tamil Nadu right from the time we launched our premium range of natural food products.

What are natural food products?

  1.  Modern agricultural system uses pesticides and synthetic fertilizers for raising the crops. On the other hand, natural agricultural system uses ecologically friendly manures, fertilizers and powders. Natural condiments, fruits,   vegetables, and nuts extracted from natural farming will cause no side-effects. 
  2.  You can relish the natural condiments, fruits, vegetables and nuts supplied by us happily without worrying about dangerous side-effects since we make sure that all of our products are extracted from natural settings.

Why should you buy products through us?

  •  We always make it a point to buy condiments, pulses, cereals, and all other raw materials only from marginal farmers who produce high-quality natural raw materials and food products. 
  •  We understood the concepts of India’s self-sustainability in terms of agricultural resources that ultimately prompted us to enter into this noble venture. We embrace ‘Make in India’ concept and use natural items grown in       and around Tanjore.
  •  Right from the start, we have taken all the efforts to improve the livelihoods of marginal farmers and agriculturists and successfully entered into contracts with hundreds of marginal farmers who cultivate natural farming     within and across the region of Tanjore district. 
  •  We always set our business standards high and see that our customers are satisfied in all parameters. We strictly follow state-of-the-art methods while sourcing, packing, and distributing our natural products to our     esteemed customers.  
  •  The premium range of natural food products that we produce and supply to our customers meets the highest quality standards. When it comes to products, we guarantee purity and quality.
  •  Quality certified natural food products that we sell are free from pesticides, chemicals, and dangerous toxic elements and undergoes rigorous certification tests and assessments. We stay away from animal-testing and         use natural  methods during quality checks, tests and assessments.
  •  We have branches in Chennai, Singapore, and Dubai and planning to expand our services to other countries in the future.
  •  When it comes to customer satisfaction, we leave no stone unturned.

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