Is Coconut Sugar Healthier for Diabetics ? Few Things You Need to Know

Is Coconut Sugar Healthier for Diabetics ? Few Things You Need to Know

Researchers state that consuming excess amounts of sugary foods can result in type 2 diabetes. It is because sugar has the tendency to refrain your body from producing its natural insulin or resist insulin. 

Why is Coconut Sugar Healthy? 

Natural Coconut sugar is one of the few sugars with a rich nutritional profile and has a very low glycemic index which helps in preventing blood sugar spikes. Researches state that coconut sugar has the ability to control cardiovascular diseases. It is an added advantage that coconut sugar is naturally obtained and less processed. This helps to preserve the nutrients in it. Also, there are many pieces of research you can refer to that support the need to replace white sugar with coconut sugar.

Understanding the role of sugar in diabetes

Sugar provides a temporary high like sensation where you show signs of energetic behavior and gradually drop down when the sugar level in your blood drops to normal, Thus making us crave more for it. On average, we consume more than 100 - 120 grams of sugar which is the same amount of sugar our grandparents consumed in 5 days.

There are two kinds of Diabetes that function in various ways:

  • Type 1: A condition where the pancreas produces less or No insulin because of the body’s own immune system attacking it.

  • Type 2: In this condition, the body either produces no insulin or resists insulin.

In both cases, there seems to be no direct relation we eat. But, the cause of both conditions is because of the sugar we consume.

Type 1 Diabetes: 

When high amounts of sugar combined with carbs stay in your blood cell for a longer period of time. This refrains the body from producing the body's natural insulin.  

Type 2 Diabetes

In this condition, the sugar not only stops the body from producing insulin but also making it insulin resistant.

Our body processes and turns sugar into glucose which will be either turned into energy or fat. If more sugar is consumed than the body's required energy the glucose is turned into fatty acids and stays as fat in our body. This in the long term leads to obesity and various cardiovascular diseases. 

Before diving into the facts of Coconut Sugar. Let's take a step back and learn the difference between Natural Sugar and Added Sugar

Natural Sugar - These are naturally occurring sugars found in foods like fruits, vegetables, honey, etc.

Added Sugars - Unlike natural sugars these aren't present in any of the food instead it is added to it. Example processed food, drinks, beverages, etc. 

But not all natural sugars are good sugars and all added sugars are bad sugars. It totally depends on their nutritional profile.

Regular White Sugar does not project any nutritional value in it. Whereas that is not the case with Coconut Sugar.

Best Sugar Alternative for People With Diabetes 

As it is advised by many healthcare professionals that people with diabetes must watch their sugar intake and avoid blood sugar levels spike. So finding an alternative sugar is one way to keep your sugar levels in check.

Though there are many alternatives for sugar available in the market, not all are good for people with diabetes. The best sugar for people with diabetes is Natural Coconut Sugar, which is low in calories and boasts of a high nutrition value. Also, it is a naturally obtained sugar and less processed. 

Low Glycemic Index:

Coconut Sugar has a very low glycemic index compared to regular sugar. The Glycemic index (GI) is a unit used to measure the impact of carbohydrates in blood sugar levels. The GI of coconut sugar is not more than 35. So, it generally recognized as safe & doesn't spike blood sugar levels like regular white sugar 

Rich Nutrient Profile (In Sugars):

As said earlier Natural Coconut Sugar boasts of an impressive nutrient profile when compared to any other sugar alternatives like Stevia, Tagatose, Sucralose, Aspartame, Acesulfame Potassium, Saccharin & Neotame

Naturally Obtained

Like regular white sugar, Coconut sugar is not heavily processed in big factories with any chemicals. It is sourced from the sap of the coconut palm tree and involves heating and filtering on a very small scale. That's why coconut is both healthy and a bit more expensive than white sugar.

Good Gut Health

Coconut sugar isn’t harsh on your gut. Because of the fiber content in it. It also promotes the growth of micro bifidobacteria and helps in boosting your immunity. 

Though Coconut Sugar is healthy for diabetics because of the above reasons. It is safe to consult with your doctors and start by consuming it in fewer quantities. Also, look out for fake products in the market that claim to be natural coconut sugar. Read the packaging before making purchase decisions.